If you are a Canadian College Student, or you soon will be, the NSLSC (Canada National Student Loan Service Centre) is definitely something that you need to know about. This organization is just known as the National Student Loans Service Centre, or NSLSC, and it is through this organization that you will manage various aspects of any Canada student loan that you may receive to help finance your education.

The NSLSC manages most Canada Student Loans, including loans for part time students, and integrated student loans for Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Labrador, and New Brunswick. Through this national student loan centre, you can check the status of student loans that you have applied for or already received, check the balances on your student loans, review your loan details, update your information, review loan payments that you have made, or loan payments that you will need to make, and other information.

Through the Canada student loan centre’s website, you can access the Personal Message Centre. This system provides you with information regarding your student loans, and this information is quite helpful, and may even enable you to pay off your student loans in less time. You will also be able to get contact information, including email contact information, in the event that you need to speak with someone regarding your student loans through the website.

Special services offered through the Canada National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) include customized repayment plan tools, which will allow you to either increase or decrease your scheduled payments. You can also get repayment assistance through the centre, if you qualify. If you do qualify, the Government may help you to make your loan payments, or you could receive a special interest rate, depending on the situation and what you are eligible for.

Also provided on the NSLSC website is the NSLSC Tool Box. Through this special area of the website, you can download forms that you need to preauthorize payments, to make one time payments, or to change your payment due date. This is also the area of the site that you would visit to increase or decrease your monthly payments.

If you have student loans in Canada, this website will become very important to you – almost as important as the websites used to manage your bank accounts and other financial business. This is not the website, however, that is used to apply for a Canada student loan. Instead, you only need to access it after applying for or receiving Canada student loans – and then only if your student loans are managed through this organization. If your Canadian student loans are not managed through this organization, the lender should notify you as to where your loan is managed, and how to access information regarding those loans. The NSLSC will not be able to help you with this information in that case.

When you receive a Canada student loan, you are not automatically registered for services through the website. You must register for access, but registration is free, and your information is protected from third parties. The National Student Loans Service Centre or many times referred to as the National Student Loan Centre is maintained through the CanLearn organization. For more information about the Canada Student Loan Center, and the services that this organization offers visit NSLSC.

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The Canada National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) is the one place where Canada’s students should go when they need to find out as much as they can about their student loans.

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